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St Augustine Grass in Stock!

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Sod Grass Pallets Landscape & Supply Store is a great place for landscapers, contractors, and regular people to buy materials for landscaping projects to be used at home or at a business. Then, if you need delivery or installation services, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call to learn more. 713-820-6569


Landscape Material Supplier in Spring TX


We do our absolute best to meet the landscape and supply needs of our customers, which range from landscapers, contractors, and individuals in the Spring and surrounding Houston areas.

St Augustine Grass

Our store stocks Palmetto St Augustine Grass daily for our customers. Pieces, half pallet or full pallet.

Bermuda Grass

Place an order today, and we'll have your Bermuda grass pallet available for pickup in 2 business days.

Landscaping Materials

Contractors and individuals enjoy easy access to the landscaping materials they need for their projects.

Delivery Service

We offer delivery services for an additional fee. We'll bring sod, topsoil, mulch, dirt and more to your property.

Sod Installation

Yes, homeowners can request a free quote for the sod installation of one pallet or more. Call us for pricing details.

We Serve You

For information on our landscape materials and services, contact our friendly and professional customer service.

Landscape & Supply Store

St Augustine Grass Pallet Price

As a proud Houston-based landscape and supply store owner, I’m thrilled to provide exceptional quality grass at prices that won’t break the bank. Look at the images, and you’ll see the costs for full pallets, half-pallets, or individual pieces. Keep in mind, these prices are for pickups at our store. Can’t swing by? No problem! We offer a delivery service for an additional charge, bringing the beauty of our grass right to your doorstep. Be aware, though, prices can change without a heads-up. Questions? Feel free to call our office – we’re always happy to help out!

Best Price On Sod Grass

upgrade your sod lawn

Price Per Pallet: $200 +tax

the best st augustine grass for sale

Price Per Half Pallet: $120 +tax

half pallet of grass perfect for small lawns

Per Piece Price: $1.90 +tax

Bermuda grass for Houston lawns

Bermuda Grass Price: $220 +tax

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Sod Grass Pallets Landscape & Supply Store
26706 Aldine Westfield Rd
Spring, TX 77373
Phone: 713-820-6569

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