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TLH Grass Sod Sales & Installation provides landscaping contractors, DIY homeowner’s, home builders and individuals high-quality mulch, topsoil, dirt, rock, gravel and grass for residential and commercial landscaping project.

Bulk Supplies Available For Delivery To Your Home or Job Site.

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Types of Mulch, Top Soil and Ground Coverings

Black Mulch
Hardwood Bark Mulch $28 a Yard
Compost and Soil $34 a yard and $20 half a yard
Fill Dirt $20 a yard and $15 a half yard
Black Star $150 a yard and $90 a half yard
Bull Rock $95 a yard and $65 half yard
White Stone $57 a yard and $35 half yard
Garden Soil $60 a yard and $30 a half yard
Cedar Mulch 2 CF $ 5.50
Black Mulch 2 CF $ 5.50
Organic Compost 2 CF $7.00
Hardwood Bark Mulch 2CF $4.25
Red Mulch 2 CF $5.50
Pine Bark Mulch 2 CF $5.50
St Augustine Grass $140 Per Pallet
Bermuda Grass $175 Per Pallet

Sod Supplier

Half Pallet of Grass $95.00
Grass Per Pieces $1.25 ea.

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TLH Grass Sod Sales & Installation is committed to providing our customers the highest quality materials and highest level of attention to providing the best customers service.

Our landscape supply store is perfect for picking up material for your backyard landscaping and front yard landscaping projects in Spring and The Woodlands Texas.

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