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Palmetto® St Augustine Grass For Sale Spring, TX

Product description:

St Augustine grass is a green, long-needled variety of the more common Bermuda Grass. It’s often used in golf courses or on sports fields because it can withstand higher levels of traffic and wear than Bermuda Grass.

St Augustine Palmetto® grass also thrives better in humid climates like Florida’s. This weed-resistant plant has dense foliage that does not require frequent cutting to maintain its appearance.

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St Augustine Palmetto® Grass is a drought-tolerant, quick-growing grass that thrives in coastal regions. It requires very little water and grows up to three feet per year. The blades are long, stiff, and green, making them perfect for the hot Florida or Texas climate while still providing a lush appearance.

St Augustine has been used as lawns since 1926 and is the most popular choice for homeowners with clay soil or sandy soil because of its durability against salt winds from the ocean. It also tolerates shade well, making it ideal for shady areas of your yard or garden, such as under trees or near buildings where other types of grass will die out quickly due to lack of sunlight.

For more information on buying quality St Augustine Grass for your lawn. Give TLH Grass a call today!

Click Here for a different perspective about St. Augustine Grass also referred to as “Buffalo Grass”.

Grass For Sale Near Me

If you are searching online for Palmetto® Grass Near Me or nearby your location. Talk with our landscape company for sod installation service. We supply sod grass as part of our sod installation service.

We are able to supply sod for customers in Spring and the surrounding Houston area. St. Augustine and Bermuda type grass sod. The St. Augustine is requested by residents in Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Humble, Klein, Cypress, Conroe and surrounding North Houston Texas communities.

For more information on buying quality St Augustine Grass for your sod lawn installation project. We invite you to call our landscape company for turnkey sod installation service. The grass will be supplied as part of the turnkey job. We do not sell the grass seperatly. Talk to the owner for details.

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