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Lawn Sod Installation Pros of Houston, TX

Don't want to lay down all that sod by yourself? Well you're in luck. We specialize in providing sod installation services. Call us for pricing information.

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What We Need To Know From You?

1. How Many Pallets Do You Need?

2. Do We Need To Remove Any Old Grass?

3. Or, Is the Area Ready For Us To Lay Down The Grass?

4. Do you need top soil?

5. Don’t Worry, We Will Ask You These Questions Over The Phone to help us understand how to price the job.

6. If you don’t know how much grass you need. We can schedule a time to come out to measure and look over the area.


How Does This Work?

1. We work with the homeowner to determine how much grass is needed for your lawn sodding project.

2. Installation prices include the pallet of grass, delivery and labor to install the grass.

3. If you need top soil. You’ll need pay for the material (1-yard minimum) plus a seperate delivery fee. Additional cost for us to lay down the top soil.

4. How do you price your installation service? A. lower price per pallet if the area is ready. B. Slightly higher price per pallet if we have to clean and prep the area before laying down the sod.


Need Sod Installation in Spring and The Woodlands?

To get your free quote for professional sod installation, give us a call or request a quote online. We’ll need to know how many pallets you need for our sodding service.

We have a 1 pallet minimum to qualify to get your grass laid. Our grass installation cost is based on whether we need to prep the area or if its ready for us to show up with the grass and lay it down. Some homeowners need us to clean the area first.

We will remove the old grass and prepare the dirt. Our pricing includes the pallet of sod, labor and delivery in most cases. Additinal deliver charges wiill apply if you need to order topsoil and have us deliver it to your property. We haul the grass pallets on a trailer and the topsoil or fill dirt is loaded into a dump trailer with a hydraulic lift.

Residential Sod Installers

St Augustine: Texas Native St Augustine is well rounded, making it a great choice for both home or commercial lawns.

Drought, cold, and shade tolerant, this grass is great turf for all seasons.

The weather in Houston Texas is warm year round with only a few weeks of cold in the winter months.  You can request sod delivery in any time of the year. Although, most people choose to do it in the Spring, Summer or Fall.

Lawn Sod Replacement Cost

Give us a call to learn the cost for us to help you with lawn sod replacement.

When you decide to order grass sod installation from TLH Grass Sod Sales & Installation.

You can count receiving the highest quality sod grass in addition to fast installation and detailed cleanup once the job is completed by our crew.

Our Service Areas:

St Augustine Grass

We service Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress, Humble, Pinehurst, Magnolia, Conroe, and the surrounding Houston, TX areas.

Give us a call to see if we can help you in your local community or neighborhood. We have more flexibility when it comes to our sod installation services.

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