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Do you need sod installation? Well you're in luck. We specialize in providing sod installation for residents in Magnolia and Montgomery County areas. Call us for pricing information.

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What We Need To Know From You?

1. How Many Pallets Do You Need?

2. Do We Need To Remove Any Old Grass?

3. Or, Is the Area Ready For Us To Lay Down The Grass?

4. Do you need top soil?

5. Don’t Worry, We Will Ask You These Questions Over The Phone to help us understand how to price the job.

6. If you don’t know how much grass you need. We can schedule a time to come out to measure and look over the area.


How Does This Work?

1. We work with the homeowner to determine how much grass is needed for your lawn sodding project.

2. Installation prices include the pallet of grass, delivery and labor to install the grass.

3. If you require topsoil. You must pay for the material (1 cubic yard minimum) in addition to a separate delivery charge. Costs associated with laying down the topsoil.

4. How do you price your installation service? A. lower price per pallet if the area is ready. B. Slightly higher price per pallet if we have to clean and prep the area before laying down the sod.


Top-Rated Sod Installers for Magnolia Texas

To get your free quote for professional sod installation, give us a call or request a quote online. We’ll need to know how many pallets you need for our sodding service.

Here at our sod supply and landscape store, we’re pleased to offer our expert sod grass installation services with a minimum order of just a single pallet. However, if you’re looking for delivery alone, we ask that you order at least three pallets. 

Our personalized installation costs vary, depending on whether your area is ready for grass laying or requires some preparation. As the owner, I understand that some of our clients may need us to first clean the area, and we’re more than happy to provide that service. We’re here to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Do you offer preparation services before installing new sod in Magnolia, such as the removal of old grass and debris?

Absolutely! We do offer prep work in Magnolia Texas for an additional fee, which includes the removal of old grass, weeds, and debris from the designated area. Our standard service, which is reasonably priced, assumes that the area has already been prepared for the installation of new sod. In most cases, our all-inclusive pricing includes the sod pallet, labor, and delivery. If you need topsoil and want us to deliver it to your home, additional delivery and/or installation fees may apply.

From Trailer to Turf: A Smooth Transition for Your Sod and Topsoil Needs

How does the grass get delivered?

We load the skid steer and sod pallets onto our trailer. When we arrive at your location, we use the skid steer to unload the sod pallets and strategically place them near the designated installation area.

How is topsoil delivered when we place an order for it?

We use our dump trailer to deliver topsoil. This enables us to transport landscape materials to your property and use the hydraulic lift for precise unloading near your installation site.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Magnolia Sod Installation Services: Your Guide to a Beautiful Lawn

When is the best time to install sod in Magnolia, Texas?

Answer: The best time to install sod in Magnolia, Texas is during the cooler months, which are typically between October and April. This timeframe ensures that the soil conditions are favorable for sod establishment, and the cooler temperatures reduce the risk of heat stress in newly laid sod.

What size sod should I buy for my Magnolia lawn?

The amount of sod you’ll need is determined by the size of your lawn. Multiply the length and width measurements to get the square footage. Once you’ve determined the square footage, use it to calculate the amount of sod needed.

How long does it take for sod to germinate?

Answer: It takes about two weeks for sod to establish roots and securely anchor itself in the soil. This timeline, however, may vary depending on factors such as temperature, moisture levels, and soil conditions.

How often should I water my new Magnolia sod?

Answer: It’s critical to keep the new sod moist in the first few weeks after installation. Depending on the weather, this may necessitate multiple daily watering sessions. You can gradually reduce the frequency of watering as the sod grows.

Should I do my own Magnolia sod installation or should I hire a professional?

While DIY sod installation is possible, hiring a professional ensures a proper and efficient job. Professional landscapers have the tools and knowledge required to properly prepare the soil and install sod.

How should my Magnolia lawn be prepared for sod installation?

Answer: To prepare your Magnolia lawn for sod installation, begin by removing any existing grass or weeds. Then, till the soil and level the surface. Incorporate compost or other organic matter to improve soil quality and aid in sod establishment.

When can I mow my new Magnolia sod?

Answer: It is best to wait at least two weeks after installation before mowing your new Magnolia sod. After the sod has firmly rooted, gradually lower your mower blade and resume your regular mowing routine.

Is it possible to install sod grass in Southeast Texas, including Magnolia, during the warmer months?

Yes, it is possible to install sod grass in Southeast Texas, including Montgomery County during the warmer months. However, it poses difficulties due to higher temperatures and decreased rainfall. Success is dependent on the new sod receiving consistent moisture, avoiding midday watering, and selecting a drought-tolerant sod variety such as Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass. Seeking the advice of a professional landscaper can provide useful information for summer sod installation.

Drought tolerance in St. Augustine Palmetto® grass is not as well established as in other warm-season grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia.

Although it can withstand periods of drought, St. Augustine Palmetto® grass requires additional watering to maintain its lush green appearance. Consider a more drought-tolerant sod variety in areas where there are frequent droughts or water restrictions. Note: We carry St Augustine and Bermuda type grass at our landscape supply store.

Please note that the above FAQs are for educational purposes only and may not cover all aspects of sod installation. It is recommended that you consult with a professional sod installer or landscaping company for specific questions and concerns regarding your sod installation project. Our team of experts is always available to provide advice and guidance to help ensure a successful and healthy lawn.

Residential & Commercial Sod Installers

St Augustine: Texas Native St Augustine is well rounded, making it a great choice for both home or commercial lawns.

Drought, cold, and shade tolerant, this grass is great turf for all seasons.

The weather in Houston Texas is warm year round with only a few weeks of cold in the winter months.  You can request grass delivery in any time of the year. Although, most people choose to do it in the Spring, Summer or Fall.

Revitalize Your Lawn: Magnolia Grass Sod Installation Experts

Are you thinking about replacing your lawn sod? 

Call us today to find out how much it will cost to transform your lawn with our superior sod installation services in Montgomery County.

Expect nothing less than the best when you use our sod installation and landscaping services. Our skilled team ensures that you receive the highest quality sod grass, as well as prompt installation and meticulous cleanup after the job is finished. 

Contact us for a quote tailored to your Montgomery County property to begin your lawn transformation journey.

Our Service Areas:

We service Spring, The Woodlands, Klein, Tomball, Cypress, Humble, Pinehurst, Magnolia, Conroe, and the surrounding Houston, TX areas.

Give us a call to see if we can help you in your local community or neighborhood. We have more flexibility when it comes to our sod installation services.

More Information About Magnolia Texas

Magnolia, Texas, a hidden gem in the Lone Star State, captivates both residents and visitors with its unique blend of small-town charm and modern conveniences. Living in Magnolia demonstrates the welcoming community spirit that pervades every street corner. Residents appreciate the lush greenery, picturesque landscapes, and slow pace of life.

Magnolia’s heart beats with a vibrant spirit, attracting those looking for a close-knit community where neighbors are more than just friends, but family. Magnolia shopping is a delight, with locally-owned boutiques and charming shops lining the streets, offering one-of-a-kind treasures. From mouthwatering barbecue joints to cozy cafes, the town’s culinary scene is a tapestry of flavors, offering a diverse range of dining options for every palate.

Magnolia’s entertainment is wholesome, with family-friendly events, festivals, and local gatherings creating lasting memories. The town’s dedication to preserving its rich history can be seen in the well-preserved landmarks and historic sites.

The town’s business-friendly atmosphere and supportive community foster innovation and growth for those who choose Magnolia as their place of employment. Magnolia’s work-life balance is seamlessly woven into its fabric, creating an environment that fosters both professional and personal aspirations.

Magnolia, Texas, is more than just a place to live; it’s a destination where living, shopping, dining, entertaining, and working weave together to form a tapestry of community, warmth, and opportunity. Welcome to Magnolia, where every day feels like a homecoming.

Note: The ZIP Codes in Magnolia range from 77353, 77354 to 77355.

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