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If you are searching online for a sod installation service in Spring Texas. You only need to look to our sod installation and landscaping service company for the best sod replacement installers. If you want to learn more about sod installation. Read over the complete guide to Sod Installation below. Then give us a call at 713-820-6569 for a free estimate.

A Complete Guide to Sod Installation

We all want a vibrant green lawn that others envy. This lawn beautifies our property while adding to its value. Planting grass seed and allowing it to grow takes time and effort many people don’t wish to invest in their lawn. If you fall into this category, you can have a lawn you love and in less time than you may imagine with the help of sod installation. Before choosing this option for your lawn, you need to gather information to determine whether sod is right for your needs. You need to know what sod installation is, how to prepare the soil to accept this material, when sod installation is of benefit, and what we include in the sod installation process. The following guide provides this information and more to help you decide whether sod is right for your property.
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What is Sod Installation?

What exactly is sod? Also known as turf grass, sod is nothing more than grass that manufacturers have planted. Once the grass becomes established, the manufacturer sells it in sections connected by the roots of the grass or other materials. The lawn grows lush and evenly when you select this option, and the grass is longer than other types used for lawns. We currently install St. Augustine and Bermuda sod and will happily provide a free estimate to help you determine the amount of sod needed for your property and the cost. In addition, we supply landscaping materials for homeowners and local landscapers, so you have a yard you love and can’t wait to show off to others. St. Augustine sod offers many benefits. It requires little maintenance and holds up well in cold temperatures. Although this typically isn’t a concern of homeowners, we learned last winter that freezing temperatures can hit our area. When they arrive, you want your lawn to endure the stress of these temperatures with ease. With St. Augustine sod, it will. The vibrant emerald-green color draws the eye and this popular landscaping grass remains tolerant to shade. Once you determine how much sod you need, we allow you to purchase sod by the piece, pallet, or half pallet. Each piece measures 16” x 24” and covers approximately 450 square feet. Furthermore, we offer the option of having the sod delivered to your desired location and can install it for you.
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How to Prepare Your Soil for Sod

Homeowners may choose to prepare the soil for sod installation or we can do this on their behalf. If you tackle this part of the process on your own, ensure you carry out the following steps for great results.

Remove any existing vegetation. Any vegetation that remains when you lay the sod will compete with the new grass. Experts recommend using a glyphosate weed killer, as this type of product kills the roots of the plant to ensure it doesn’t return.

Loosen the soil to prepare it to accept the sod. This step reduces compaction and allows the roots of the sod to make their way into the soil. In addition, loose soil retains more water.

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Remove any debris unearthed during the last step. Any rocks, branches, and other objects in the soil interfere with the proper attachment of the sod to the soil, so ensure you remove all debris. In addition, this debris could lead to air pockets forming in the soil, and these air pockets dry out the new sod.

Level the ground. Any uneven areas in the lawn could lead to water pooling under the sod and killing it. Areas that sit higher than others mar the appearance of the lawn, which isn’t desirable either.

Apply soil amendments using a hand or walk-behind spreader. Follow all directions on the bag for the application of the amendments and make multiple light passes over the area. The application must be smooth and uniform to ensure the healthy growth of the sod.

Till the area once again to mix the fertilizer in with the soil. Smooth the ground down upon completion of the tilling using a heavy mat dragged across the soil.

Water the ground before laying the sod. The water helps the sod to attach to the soil. You want the ground to be damp but not drenched. If the area is muddy when it is time to lay the soil, allow it to dry before laying the first piece.

Who Needs Sod Installation in Spring, TX?

Sod installation benefits owners in a variety of ways. If you have used seed in the past only to have it blow away or find seed to be overly expensive, sod allows you to install a lawn quickly and have a gorgeous landscape in little time. The installation of sod helps prevent erosion, and sod improves the air and water quality in the vicinity. Furthermore, sod helps prevent flooding in areas where you install it. The sod drains the water while diverting it to the ground. The water then becomes part of the groundwater supply as opposed to overtaxing drain systems and causing them to overflow. If you wish to transform your yard into a lush landscape, the weather must cooperate. Grass seed only grows when it is kept at the right temperature and receives the proper amount of moisture. If it is too hot or cold outside or it continuously rains, the grass may not grow and thrive. This isn’t the case when you install sod. Thanks to its resiliency, it thrives even in unfavorable weather. When you have tried to grow grass from seed with little success, you may become discouraged and find you want to give up completely on your dream of a breathtaking landscape. Don’t despair. With the help of sod, you can have the yard you want quickly and easily. Sod provides complete coverage of your lawn and you are ensured of success. When the thermostat climbs in Texas, residents look for relief anywhere they can find it. Many surfaces emanate heat, including asphalt and bare soil. Sod, on the other hand, absorbs heat. In fact, a lawn that has sod rather than other landscaping materials is approximately 10 to 30 degrees cooler. This is appreciated on hot, steamy summer days in the state. Besides absorbing heat, sod absorbs carbon dioxide. It takes the carbon dioxide, processes it, and releases it back into the air as clean, fresh oxygen. Imagine how much air your yard can clean. You may find it is a significant amount if you own an extensive property. The grass also absorbs other harmful substances found in the air we breathe, such as peroxyacetyl nitrates. While doing so, it functions as nature’s dirt and dust filter, removing particles from the air before they make their way into our lungs.

What is Included in Sod Installation?

Before you determine whether this is the right option for you, it is important to know what we include in the project cost. Although each project differs slightly in terms of its requirements, the following steps apply to most projects we complete. Calculate the sod needed to complete the project. You may complete this step on your own or have us come out and measure the area to determine the amount needed. There is no charge for us to come out and provide this estimate. Determine whether you will need additional materials to complete the project, such as topsoil. Our team can provide these landscaping materials for an additional cost and delivery fee. Prepare the site for the sod installation. Again, you may choose to prepare the site or allow us to do the work on your behalf. We do charge a fee to prepare the site, and we will discuss this with you before the project begins. Arrive at the site with the sod and other landscape materials necessary for installation. Install the sod as agreed. Our team cleans the yard once the project is complete, so you can enjoy your new lawn without having to tackle the mess first.

What Do You Need to Know About Layind Sod?

Call on us for your sod installation needs. Our experienced team is ready to serve you in any way we can. You might assume completing this project is easy. However, many things can go wrong. Laying sod over an existing lawn impedes the ability of the sod to establish healthy roots. Without healthy roots, the sod won’t last long. When it dies, you must remove not only the sod you just laid, but the one underneath it before you can start the process anew. This requires time and money you may not have set aside for the project. Furthermore, when laying sod on a slope, you might be tempted to place the pieces vertically. Doing so could cause them to slip out of place. Lay them horizontally, as this makes it more difficult for water to flow through them and move them out of place. Roll the sod to encourage rooting and remove any air pockets. When placed on a slope, use pegs to secure the pieces also. Try to use long pegs, so you can find and remove them once the sod is established.

Our team handles sod installation jobs regularly. As a result, they know how to address any issue that arises throughout the process.

Call us today to discuss your job. We can’t wait to help you bring your vision to life. It’s why we got into this business initially.

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